Meal Times

The nursery provides a healthy and balanced diet for children, with food prepared fresh each day by our cook, using high quality ingredients.

We carefully plan menus that are designed to meet nutritional guidelines for children aged one to five based on the four food groups:

  • Meat, fish, eggs, beans (and other non-dairy sources of protein).
  • Fruit and vegetables
  • Starchy foods.
  • Milk and dairy products


Water is provided throughout the day to keep the children hydrated and the menu is rotated on a four weekly basis.


We have lots of fresh fruit and vegetables and a variety of flavours and textures for the children to try.


We cater for children with allergies, food intolerances and those who are vegetarian.


Sweet puddings are a treat offered to children who have eaten all of their dinner or made an effort to do so. If agreed by parents, children in pre-school and toddlers who have not eaten their dinner or made an attempt to should be offered fruit instead of pudding. Discretion should be used for younger children. This rule is to encourage children to have a well balanced diet and to help them recognise that sweet foods are a treat only.


The children can join us for breakfast, enjoy a snack at 10.30am, a hot 2 course lunch at 12pm and tea at 3.00pm.
Mealtimes at Sunshine are about more than simply what your child eats. Developing the social aspect of meal times is also important to establish good eating habits, which is why children and staff sit down together to have a ‘family-style’ meal at which good table manners are promoted.
We educate the children on the benefits of healthy eating and support the adoption of good habits that will continue to benefit them throughout their lives as they move on to school and beyond. We also encourage independence during mealtimes and our older children help to serve themselves.