Mrs L – November 2015

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I did bit of research before deciding Sunshine as it was my little one’s first nursery and I feel now it was very much right decision.
My daughter started to pick-up numbers, alphabet, and rhymes quickly when she started with nursery. She was too addicted to television, tablet before, but when she started Sunshine, her interests changed very quickly. Now at home, she keeps drawing, painting, sticking or ask us for reading books. First thing she asks after she wakes in the morning is papers and pen to draw. The in-house Library, Music sessions, Children’s parties, Animals club, football matches etc. are really fantastic. The most important thing is the attitude of the staff. I had viewed many nurseries, but here you can understand how caring the staff are within 15 minutes. They are very much approachable, really caring about the kids, they know about each and every need of the children and, we can always feel that they are in safe hands. For people who look for children’s developmental needs rather than highly sophisticated infrastructure, I always suggest Sunshine is the best in Croydon.

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