Mrs S – September 2016

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My 22-month old child is going to this nursery. A few things that matter and helped us:
Settling Sessions – 1hour to 1 full day in a 2 weeks span
Staff-So polite, responsible, caring and inviting. They all are similar in terms of giving attention and care to the child. It is not just the key person, but every other staff that I meet on the way give me some end-of-day updates about my child. If we give any updates on our child’s health/sleep pattern/food requirement on the start of the day, caretakers are very attentive and make sure our inputs are taken care, and passed on to the team.
Home-like the environment and huge outdoor.
Food-4 week meal menu repeated every month with different varieties. Overall, it is only through my child’s smile, laughter and spirit it is evident that he is absolutely happy and comfortable.
The main aspect is -THE CARETAKERS I have placed my child in a few other nurseries and viewed all the nurseries in Croydon. This is the best and well suited for my child.


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