My 22-month old child is going to this nursery. A few things that matter and helped us:
Settling Sessions – 1hour to 1 full day in a 2 weeks span
Staff-So polite, responsible, caring and inviting. They all are similar in terms of giving attention and care to the child. It is not just the key person, but every other staff that I meet on the way give me some end-of-day updates about my child. If we give any updates on our child’s health/sleep pattern/food requirement on the start of the day, caretakers are very attentive and make sure our inputs
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It’s a small family-type setting. The staff contributed immensely to my boy’s growth and development. The staff were like an extended family. Boys always looked forward to going to nursery and every day they learnt something new. During the time, my boys attended the nursery and we didn’t have any issues whatsoever.

My son has attended for 2 years and I have always been impressed with the care and attention given to him and all the other children. All staff are ready to listen and my observation is the children are always happy. My son settled in really well and has never complained about his experience at the Nursery. I am sorry to see him leave to reception and hope he is as happy at Sunshine Day Nursery when he moves on to big school!

I did bit of research before deciding Sunshine as it was my little one’s first nursery and I feel now it was very much right decision.
My daughter started to pick-up numbers, alphabet, and rhymes quickly when she started with nursery. She was too addicted to television, tablet before, but when she started Sunshine, her interests changed very quickly. Now at home, she keeps drawing, painting, sticking or ask us for reading books. First thing she asks after she wakes in the morning is papers and pen to draw. The in-house Library, Music sessions, Children’s parties, Animals club, football matches
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